Sunday, June 29, 2008

The other side

Bangkok, Thailand, June 12, 2008

18 hours skimming on air currents. I flew over the North Pole (yup) and felt the ice cracking...watched 'Kite Runner' over Kabul and 'Gandhi' over India.
And now Im on the other side of the proverbial bowling ball.
Fun thought; You and me, our heads are probably pointing in opposite directions right now, but both being pulled in the same inwards direction. When you drop something, it moves closer to me. If we started digging....

As I got off the airplane and everything and everybody looked different and my body was 25% longer then everyone elses and there wasn't a single face I knew I thunk to myself 'I made it as far away from the place I was born while sticken to the mud heep'...I thunk to miself with a big grin shmackered to my face...'This still kinda feels like home'

Maybe this planet is a giant heaving living Organism after all (to be sung to 'it's a small world'). And we're part of it. You know they say that over three pounds of the human body is made up of 'foreign' bacteria and organisms, of which we could not live without. So too we're part of this massive beast who feeds off the sun and slurps from the oceans and whos breath is wind. I just got relocated, like a hemoglobin cell moving along arteries and veins, streets and rivers, to the other side of the mighty organism.
Maybe mother earth isn't just a great big ship that we're sailing on...Your a stich in the sail and Im a peg on the floor board.

Bangkok is growing on me, sometimes like a fungus. Shes filthy and grimy and then every few blocks theres a shrine or a massive temple wtih intricate detail and serene vibrations. People here are definitely more chilled out then most. Meditation is culturally embraced. There are statues everywhere of a healthy fleshy man who sits in perfect stillness, contentment and oneness with the world. This sends out massive amounts of shanti societal waves. I think about how this juxtaposes the waves that get triggered from the pictures and statues in other developing countries I've seen of the white emaciated Jewish guy pegged up to a roman torture/death device. Definitely different vibes...

My eyes and heart are open. My Group comes tomorrow.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Song Sessions

Howdy Howdy,
I keep finding more Vidoes from my Uganda trip a few months ago.
These are from two separate song sessions. VERY catchy tunes (beware!)
First one is "Deep Inside my heart" into "Jambo Bwana" (most popular song in Swahili) with a group of Kenyan Refugees who had just days before escaped death and brutality. Most of the people in this video had been beaten and ran away from their burning homes. It always amazes me how some people in the worst of circumstances, with every excuse in the world to be miserable, still know how to and choose to bliss out.

This second video is from a come-unity gathering in Ramogi Uganda with an amazing group of AJWS Volunteers. The song is positively addictive.