Saturday, June 14, 2008

Song Sessions

Howdy Howdy,
I keep finding more Vidoes from my Uganda trip a few months ago.
These are from two separate song sessions. VERY catchy tunes (beware!)
First one is "Deep Inside my heart" into "Jambo Bwana" (most popular song in Swahili) with a group of Kenyan Refugees who had just days before escaped death and brutality. Most of the people in this video had been beaten and ran away from their burning homes. It always amazes me how some people in the worst of circumstances, with every excuse in the world to be miserable, still know how to and choose to bliss out.

This second video is from a come-unity gathering in Ramogi Uganda with an amazing group of AJWS Volunteers. The song is positively addictive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pessach,
I don't know if you remember me, I worked in Heaven with you for a few days two summers ago, outside Jerusalem, with Frayda and a few other friends. I was just getting hyped for my trip to Uganda to live with the Abayudaya by watching a bunch of youtube videos and saw this one. I'd love to hear about your travels! there's also a painting that I made when I got back from Israel, that I want to show you- I think you would like it a lot. so send me an email:

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