Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Anywhere you want...

We can lift eachother up,
We can move each other high,
We can overcome,
We’ll live in peace,
We’ll celebrate,
We’ll walk hand in hand
Listening to the harp strum beat,
Higher and Higher
We will give what we’ve got
We wont stop until we’re done
We shall be released
We Shall be free
We can live in truth
Higher and higher
We’ll get rid of war,
Everyone will eat
We wont live in fear.
We’ll live as one,
This is just a dream.
So was every other idea that ever happened.
Release all chains that shackle the mind.
No more slave dreams tonight baby.
Clear mind and clear vision.
See the change you wish to see,
Be the change you wish to see,
We’re here because we’re supposed to be
but we can go anywhere tonight.
Anywhere tonight.
Anywhere fun.
Anywhere you want.

The tank is full and Ive got a credit card.
Sometimes we sit at the edge of Gods driveway idling for hours and days and lives with the key in the ignition,
scrambling to try and read the maps and charts asking lost strangers out the window which way to go.
Anywhere you want beloved,
Anywhere you want.

I can see your bliss skipping down the road,
looking back with a laughing inviting smile.
Why not turn the key and lets get the heck out of here.
Or step out of the car and bliss out dancing on Gods front lawn.
Just no more sitting in smogged out clouds of confusion.
This car is starting to smell and we’ve got better things to do.

I do declare!
The self-perpetuating stagnating "Pursuit of happiness" leaves us gasping.
Pay no attention to such silly Jedi mind tricks.
Try and pursue your breathe.
Right now.
Try it.
(If your breathing, your not pursuing)
How'd it work?

Listen to this little secret
We have the right to bliss
We have the right to choose the highest perspectives around town
And We can stay for as long as we'd like


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