Friday, February 08, 2008

Animal Sounds

I met this guy in the Jungle....actually in the most densely populated monkey Jungle in the they say. The Jungle also was home to Forest Elephants and Leopards that lurked in the trees. This man knew the medicine of the trees. Did you know that Monkeys self medicate? They do. When they have stomach problems the go to the the warbegia tree and know to eat its bark...AMAZING! This guy, as you can see, knew how to talk with the primates so he had all the inside info...who was dating who, who had flees etc...


Blogger James Floman said...

Hey Pesach,

It's Jamie, of Jamie and Rafi from Livnot179!

Your blog has some great stuff on it.

This guy doesn't monkey around does he? Can you now coax and Chimp if you so desire?

That wasn't uninpunctual(however you spell that great word you made up), but I had to do it. When is Webster some of your vocab to its dictionary anyways so I can make sure I got it right?

I have recently started a blog of my own, go check it out and I will link to you and you can link to me.

I hope your wandering is going well for you.


PS the link to my blog is

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