Monday, January 07, 2008

Day of the show

January 1st, Fort Portal Uganda
Day of the show.
Fighting broke out yesterday in neihboring Kenya.
Somehow somone thought they could cheet on elections and get away with it!
124 dead is what they said.
War in the North....Now war in the east....
Theres actauly fighting in the West as well in Congo...
Uganda is landlocked and she gets her petrol from Kenya, and since the fighting broke out, the pumps have run dry. In the region I am in, there is one station with petrol within 100 miles. It happens to be two frisbee throws away from my guest house. Hundreds of petrol hungry motorist have desended upon this little station with there motor cycles and empty geri-cans...fighting over drops. I can hear them shouting from my bedroom. Police with AK47s have been gathering at the station, for soon the pumps will run dry.
The show must go on...
It begins in an hour...


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