Monday, November 26, 2007

Air Waves

This video was shot earlier this year at a live radio broadcast in Israel.
A funny little part you might miss;
In the middle of the video, Ben the host tells us that we're off air, and the shows over...We were having so much fun and the energy was so high that we kept on keepen on and making music for another 20 minutes after the show was over.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Around a Candle

Around a Candle

I thought my car was stolen yesterday
With my entire childhood in the trunk
I didn’t think twice
Which is nice
Drove my car down main st. in Woodstock
Where once the flower children gathered
Half a million strong
And through the rear view mirror I seen
Peace signs
And prayer flags
With price tags on em
It just made me sing louder

Today I woke up to bells ringing
And mama singing
Sun salutations and a backbend
Off the green couch to rhythmic music
It’s a Sunny day at the end of October
I think its Halloween
Its hard to tell sometimes
When you are wearing a mask

My chariot takes me north
But my mind drifts further
Further still
My radio was stolen so all that’s on is my mind
And a movie is playing
The doctors are dancing
With their seemingly sterile robes
With their super vacuum cleaner spot-removers
Its raining
And the sun is shining
My life is happening right now
This whole entire universe was created for each singular spec
of the dust
of the earth
And I’m a card carrying member of this bold bregade
The few
The proud
The alive

I’m starting my 29th rotation around the candle
Sometimes I get dizzy
I climb tall trees just to feel her spinning faster
The seasons always shifting their hue
With gradiance and graceful shift
Changing flow
Front row tickets
Don'y ya know
The trees are putting on their annual red fire show
Before the candle gets dim
And the branches naked
As if to say
“stay warm”
“I’ll be back later”
To remind me to wake up
And what it was like
In high school
When parents are out of town
“Listen” she tells us
“We can do anything we want!”
We can do anything we want
And I know a great inn keeper in this part of the universe