Sunday, September 25, 2005

From sea to shining sea

I've been back in the holy land for a couple days and already my plate is overfilled. The Holidays are around the corner and everyone is getting ready. Some very nice rich man donated 2 million dollars so that young Jewish Boys could go to a place called Uman Ukrain to celebrate at the tomb site of a legendary Jewish philosopher and story teller. Russ and I have our foot in the door and my next writing to you might be from across the black sea. In a few hours Im embarking on a three day hike from the sea of Galilee to the Mediterranean.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

They're the only ones....

In Greece, When people don't understand something, they say "It's all Chinese to me"....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Busking Santorini

This Irish bloke Patrick (who goes by the Greek name Psidon) and I (who was recently dubbed Argamemnon) played last night into the evening sunset and pulled in over 90 EUROS (over a hundred bucks)!! The night was capped off with a candle lit serenade to a young couple in love, gently singing and strumming the timeless Besame' Mucho. They threw 25 Euro in the guitar case and blissfully, hand in hand, disappeared into a quiet cobblestone alley.

Friday, September 09, 2005


The best 10 dollars (8 Euros) I ever spent in my whole life was on this scooter.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

How the dupe went down

I arrived at the dupees hotel at 0800, surveyed the scene, located all possible points of entrance, made contact with Alpha Bravo Gold-leader (the hotel clerk) and then nestled myself into a hidden crevice, where I could see but couldn't be seen (as photographic evidence 549JG38 indicates). As the target disengaged from the taxi I took several pictures of him so that later he could experience the creepy irk of knowing he'd been watched.
As the unsuspecting target completed the check in process, Alpha Bravo Gold leader signaled me with a secret hand gesture and I moved in for the kill. Target moved fast, real fast, to the elevator, right where I wanted him. As the motorized doors attempted to seal themselves, my hand interjected, forcing them to retreat. Then finally, in a graceful, singular gesture, I slid into the elevation chamber, snapped a photo, and gave my bro a most lovely and rowdy hug.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Front Yard

I left heaven and ended up in paradise. No really! They call this beach paradise and when I get out of my tent in the morning, this is the view.
Clothing is definitely optional in paradise.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pantheon Acropolis

Zues is just alright with me

Monday, September 05, 2005

It's all Greek to me

I boogied into Athens a few days ago to dupe my step-Bro. I got him in the elevator.
Now I'm on the prowl for a sailboat to hop on and explore the Greek Isles.
I believe that's a temple of Zeus to the left of my big nobby head.
After breakfast this morning my waitress read my future by the traditional method of decoding spilt coffee grinds.
Good times ahead don't ya know

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Theres a big dupe in the air tonight
I'd tell you more, but I can't