Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love song to Islamic distortionists


Someone smarted then me once said "If you not getting criticized for what you doing in the world, you are probably not doing something substantial". I've been getting lots of positive feedback from the song and some criticism thank G!d.
I thought Id share a responses that might further explain the meaning and the prayer behind the song.

My song is a prayer, a plea, for a paradigm shift. It's not blaming or pointing fingers. It's asking for the same shift that I think you want...you wrote that "Im sure te Palestinians too want to read books and eat healthy food..." and thats exactly what I sang and pray for. My song did not cover the entirety of the situation and it didn't blame anyone. If you'd like to write that song and you though it would be heeling and open peoples hearts and minds, Yallah. Id honestly love to hear it.
My song is about loving the "other".
It's beyond the tit for tat, beyond the endless history, even beyond the current abhorrent predicament.
Its about loving the "other".
Of course you and I know there is no other...and that when we drop bombs on or shoot missiles at someone, we are really shooting at ourselves.
I addressed my song to Islamic fundamentalist (I dont like that word, I think they should be called Islamic distortionists) because to most, they would appear to be my "enemy".
Hamass web page calls for my eradication.
"""The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, killing the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." Off the Hamas web site taken from ~Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985
Thats directed at me friend.
Im a Jew.
Osama blew up huge buildings 2 hours from where I live.
I've had missiles fired at me by Hizballah. I hid under dumpsters as they exploded around me.
Yet In my song I wish them peace...
And when people hear that, it might, just might, give them permission to devilinize all the "others" in their lives.
And in my opinion, this is the type of medicine, the medicine of compassion for the other, that will one day lead to a REAL peace...and one day, I believe, we'll collectively be ready to do so.
And compassion for the other doesn't mean that you just sit on your hands and whistle while someone is coming to kill you. Its about what we are holding while we do our doings.
As soon as we become one sided and label ourselves as good and the other as bad we ourselves become energetic accomplices to very thing we are rebelling against!
We must do what we must do to make sure these atrocities desist! Invest your whole self! Work tirelessly to protect the children! All the children (we are all children). But what do we carry in our hearts as we do our doings? A vision of Compassion? Or Patriotism and Hatred for the "other"? All of our doings will be tainted and in vein if our sources aren't clean.
Let us pray to Hashem ("the name" ie."place name here") We should both be blessed to be brave enough to hold as many truths as possible, to see ourselves in eachother and have space in our hearts to pray for peace for all of us. May peace prevail, and may our personal actions and words be reflections of our greater will!
Im in!

My truth and your truth siting by the fire

I have friends on both sides of the fence. Some are holding guns, some are in basements hiding, and I'm left praying and trying to figure out the lessons of war as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Usually when Hashem gives us obstacles, the sooner we figure out the lesson, the sooner the obstacle disappears, revealing a path to beauty.

One of the main tests that this war poses is, Can we hold multiple truths at the same time? Are we big enough, are we equipped to suffer with the Gazan children while at the same time feeling with the mothers in Sderot. On both sides of this conflict we are guilty of taking tiny pieces of truth and holding them so close to our faces that we can see nothing else. We point and we scream, "THIS IS TRUE! THIS IS MY TRUTH!" And often we are right, it is the truth, but only a fraction of the whole truth.
I think we're big enough to hold more.
This war is begging us to hold more. And maybe if we learn to hold each others stories, while at the same time holding our own, this predicament will evaporate, like the mist in the morning, revealing a most lovely path.

We must hold onto our vision of what, in the end, we want. When we pray for peace for Israel, we know that also means peace for her neighbors.
We dip wine (symbolizing removal of joy) from our cups on Pesach (Passover), because the Egyptians, OUR oppressors & murders, had to suffer.
When Korach came to challenge and fight with Moshe, the first thing Moshe did was fall to the ground and cry.
Compassion for the "other" is the most challenging kind, but it is also the most potent and maybe, just maybe, it's the medicine of the moment.
So I pray...
I pray to the G-d who splits seas and makes frogs rain from the sky, the one who let the light burn for eight days instead of one, and the one who reversed Hamman's decree...
I pray for Bnai Yisrael, that one day soon there will be a generation that doesn't know of enemies sworn to her destruction.
I pray for the children of Gaza that Hashem, who makes miracles, should make a shelter of peace for all the innocent ones.
I pray for Hammas, that the poison of hatred and fear that fills theirs hearts be transformed...QUICKLY! Before it's too late.