Tuesday, April 04, 2006

equal and opposite

Everyday I find a 10 pronged fork in the road. Each prong a different reality with infinite ramifications. I've never been in such a little place with such seemingly beautiful prongs. I say seemingly because one never knows where an unpursued prong might lead, though on the surface they shimmer.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so they say.
This land known for chaos and turmoil is filled with so much joy and beauty.
The news never shows you rampant rainbow parades down the catacombs of Jerusalem at 3 AM. Or the gathering I just came from where Rabbis and Imams sat, sang and smiled together.
Last week I pursued a prong of preparing for a HUGE music/spirit festival on the beach called Boombamelah.
Sunshine, daydreams, palm trees, white sand dunes, outrageous art, Rainbow family, circles, blues skies, Mediterranean bliss. Sometimes at night I could hear the bombs from Gaza, as I was camped about 10 miles from the border. Once in a while, just over the view of my campfire, on the horizon, the night sky would light up green for a quick second.
I'm not sure if its equal, the good and the bad, the pain and the pleasure, but I do know that I dwell in a microcosmic land of extremes.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Solar Eclipse

This is a picture I took of the mid-day fire ball playing peek-a-boo. The moons always happiest when shes full. Today the spotlight was stolen. The curtain was pulled. The lights were turned off. The dark side illumiated. The moons sweet revenge...