Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BIG Trees

Some Images from a recent backpacking adventure into the "Enchanted Valley" on the Olympic Peninsula with some great friends and ancient trees.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Big Love

This a brief documentation encapsulation of the love between Ben and Kacy Minnis at their Love Union Celebration Ceremony and the group Honeymoon that occurred there after.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A day on

Its always funny to me that most people celebrate labor day with a day off of work
(Brother likes to call it a day "On" rather then a day "Off").
We do the exact opposite of what we're allegedly celebrating.
It would be like sending hate mail on Valentines day.
Or taking things for granted on thanksgiving.
Or pulling down all your flag on flag day.
Or renouncing freedom on independence day.
I meet lots of people. Most people don't like their work. They wouldn't be standing in a toll booth, or making strangers french fries or installing cable TV in endless peoples living rooms or picking incessant rows of corn and coffee , If it wasn't for a buck. If Labor is so celebratable, how come we don't work overtime on Labor day? It should be called leisure day, or follow your bliss day, or do with your day what you actually want to be doing with your days day, because thats what most people do on that Monday away, and that is in fact celebratable.

Flying High

Flying over the coastal mountain range in Oregon in a tiny tiny plane!

Momma said.....

Video from this winter of a improv Jam in Tsfat with Friends Emily and Dubinski.