Friday, December 18, 2009

We're #7! (deep in the heart of Texas)

We’re # 7! (Deep in the heart of Texas)

If Texas were a country, it would rank #7 amongst all nations in CO2 emissions! We are spending a week here, talking to Texans about their Oil consumption habits and setting up green teams along the way. We look at Texas as a leverage point, a place where a little bit of energy and education can grow a long way. The stars at night used to be big and bright in Texas, but tonight I can hardly see any. Haze and smog veil their luminous mystique.

We rocked out a school this morning and then went to the Houston Federation where we made some beautiful connections and shifted several paradigms. Seeds of Sustainability have been sown in the Texan soil today. Let us pray for the rain, in its proper time, in its proper amounts.

Bus Journal # 1

November 28 2009

We hit the road. Our upside down, veggie oil powered, educational bus
of Jewish global climate change change is rolling south. The
guitars are out of their cases and the bus is running smooth and slow.

The Torah teaches Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof, Justice justice we
drive. We aren't waiting. We come to you.

We spent the morning with a pluralistic Jewish day school in Baltimore
and this afternoon we drove around College park Maryland, bus cram packed with jubilant students from the UMD Hillel, singing songs and chanting out the window with a bull horn. We are a mobile shofar. A strange and beautiful upside down
wake up call to action.

Next week the worlds political leaders, including Barakoli Obama, will
gather in Copenhagen to decide upon policies that will change some old
bad habits. Hopefully we will pick up some new beautiful ones.
Last week in Windsor castle leaders from the major world religions
gathered to stand in solidarity around GCC initiatives.
Christian and Buhdist, Hindu and Sikh, Muslim and Jew, and more, agreed
on something! WOW!
They all agreed to take action (I like to picture the Sikhs traveling
down the Ghanges in an upside down educational boat singing Adamah
VeShamayim in Punjabi).

The Jewish contingency and greater come-unity has sent us across the
county to unify and rally the Jewish voice, so that's what we are doing. We are getting
our act together as a Jewish tribe so that we can better serve the
worlds needs. Jewish means towards universal ends. Change begins at
zone zero, the home, and radiates outwards to the family, the
community, the country and then out through the boundless big circle.
This is the way we roll.