Friday, August 04, 2006

Light in the Dark

Ten miles from flying metal shard ball bearing harpoon metal sling shots.
Ten miles south from red rivers where the children are fighting and the whole world is watching.
Ten Miles south of the nightmans watch while he waits and watches with adrenalined eyes and senses honed with radical acuteness.
Ten miles south in the city of blue where theres silver rain that chases you,
so we live in the ground because thats all you can do, while the August sun penetrates every sweaty crevice of your soul, drips and rolls down my cheek chasing eye drops.
Ten Miles south a father blessing child before he has to turn off his cell phone and head towards the line.
Ten miles south the hidden need food, sick the drugs, light and hugs, touch and music.
Ten miles south I build and I'm built and sometimes I feel like I'm walking on stilts.
Ten miles south on a mystical hill, I flout and I strum and I work and I chill.
Ten miles south in the city of air, I play a game of truth and dare, while buildings wail and sirens blare, so that the hair on your back stands tall, because when your walking on stilts you must take care not to fall.
Ten miles south, just a click past the line, A light in the dark, a flicker a spark, reality contrasted both subtle and stark. No conclusions found here just a place to start, we cast aside fear and live from the heart.


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