Thursday, August 03, 2006

A point of View

A lot of you have been asking me about what I think about the war.
I don't like to talk politics, or to take sides, but I will say this. And Myabe I'll preface this Email by stating that this is all coming from a bonified, card carrying, tie-dyed, long haired, peace marching Hippie.
Israel is fighting this war out of self preservation. Its own peace preservation. Israel isn't fighting this war for the destruction of the arab people. Very important. The converse is not true. Israel does not want to be fighting this war, or be dealing with Lebenon at all, that's why we gave them the land they said they wanted 6 years ago.
We were just chillen, hangen out, worken on the tan, strummen the six string, and we got snuck attack by a people whom we had already conceded to. We already gave them all we could. I know we aren't politicians or diplomats but we must be wise thinkers. Think. What else could/should Israel do given the cards she was dealt? Stop the war today and they'll attack us again tomorrow. Surely. And that's not peace. Allowing yourself to get abused and destroyed is not peace. We gave them back their land, and this is what they've done with it. Did they build farms? comunity centers? resorts? nope, they built bunkers and drew maps for war.
Last summer we tore our brothers and sisters form their houses and synagogues from Gaza to appease. We thought that might bring peace. No "thank you", no getting on with life, just a closer firing point for their Kassams. Everyone thought that the big thing in the news this July was going to be the infighting amongst the Israelis because huge parts of the west bank were scheduled by parliament to be forcibly vacated and handed over. Every time we show a gesture of peace we are spat upon. I hate war. I can see it right now outside my window and I hate it. Our enemies, who are living their lives with the purpose of your and my destruction, don't want peace with us. They want us dead. It sucks right? And I believe that the only way to stop these people who want me dead is by force. I can't think of another way. And believe me I've thunk. I don't think a small gestural show of force would do anything other then encourage them and make them believe they can get away with it again. And its the saddest hardest thing to have to do. But if god forbid someone ever wanted to destroy any of you, I would do whatever needed to be done to ensure your peace.
These are just the conclusions I've come up with. I'm totally open and hopeful that there's something big that I missed and that there's a better solution.Until then Ill pray for peace, true peace.
We all come in Pieces.


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