Monday, July 31, 2006

Tsfat diaries

July 31st 2006, Tsfat

Driving into Tsfat was intense. We came in at night. I was driving with a carload of stuff and people. It occurred to me as I was driving, that to most people in the world my actions were insane, driving into CNN Breaking news northern Israel. I wasn't afraid, but rather respectful of the gravity of the situation.
A temporary cease fire began an hour after I arrived.
I didn't do it.
These cobblestone streets usually filled with wide eyed tourists and meandering mystics have become barren.
I've learned more then I've ever wanted to know about Katushas and how to take cover. My bedroom has a mini shelter in it and is less then half a frisbee throw to the main shelter.
We all come in pieces.
Shalom, Shanti, Paz, Vrede, Paix, Maluhia, Peace, Heiwa, Salam, Pyoung-hwa, Pokoj, Mir, Santipab, Fred, one day...


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