Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 2

Im writing to you from the hospital in Tsfat. Im blowing bubbles, playing guitar and flute for Doctors kids, wounded soldiers and patients.
Thankfully its been quietish. The Hospital got hit a few days ago, shattering four stories of glass, so their doing repairs today.
I went to my friends back yard last night and sat by a Katusha crater. It was hit in the first wave and my friends five year old was playing in the yard 15 seconds before it landed.
I sat last night on the porch with my co-worker as he gave his blessing of protection to his son who called to tell him he was turning off his cell phone as he was on his way over the line with the Golani Bregade.
Im being safe and preparing myself for when this quasi cease-fire ceases. Today Im in a fortified building all day and my bed room at Livnot is attached to the shelter.
Love you all


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