Monday, July 31, 2006

Wisdom from a Clone

As you sit on the stage of war, and the masters of war do what they do, and metal flies so fast that no one can see it and it goes into people...realize that you and all of you who stand witness are there now with a cause and think about your effect. This experience of life and living sometimes places us in the most ackward, backward, hard and painful classrooms...sometimes...but for some reason, realizing that you are there to learn something, to take something away, to learn and share a message, for some reason, this can bring something to chew on.The earth is trembling over there from the bombs and bullets, the earth is literally shaking....and we can't sit still anymore .This war is about Israel and Lebanon and others, and its also about you. Let war teach you peace-let war teach you peace-let war teach you peace, so that you know it, know it. Let this insanity blossom a bloom of clarity. The bullets fly so fast that we can't even see them, but we can see them,,,each one,,,what is its intention, what is its impact, its truth. Countries shouldn't fight and neither should we. When human to human to human knows this lesson that you are hopefully fortifying, when it is whispered, told and then shouted and then known from person to person to person, then we'll stop fighting with each other and war will become a myth.


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