Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tsfat diaries 2

The whole time I've been here I've constantly been on guard. My senses acute to subtle sounds and vibrations. This morning, over coffee with a reporter from National Geographic (September edition), the missiles attacks began again in Tsfat and the Sirens have been moaning all morning, a few times an hour. We stand silently for a few minutes and listen to where they land. We don't thank god when we don't hear one land because it probably land somewhere.
---As I was just writing this E-mail I had to stop and run to the shelter...One sounded like it landed very close. Lots of the other volunteers are out delivering food and fixing things.
---Another 5 just landed and for the second time I had to stop writing to take shelter.
I'm being safe, and staying near shelter. Some people are getting lazy and are not taking cover every time the sirens go off. I promised you all I'd do all I can to stay safe, and I am.
War sucks.


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