Thursday, April 05, 2007

¨kind of ¨ cool

Bussed it across Guatemala and hopped a river boat back to the orphanage I worked at three years ago. Millions of micro memories came flooding onto my chest. Then countless little hands all over my body giving me hugs. This is a beautiful sacred place to return to. Its amazing to see how things and people grow and stay the same.
This week I'm heading up a heads up agricultural project with the kiddies aimed at sustainability. I'm not sure how long Ill stay. I posted a note on the sailing docks today looking to hop a ride up North. Israel is calling.
Right now I'm in town picking up some supplies and there are four kids standing behind me just watching me type. They don't often see computers I guess.
This place always reminds me to give thanks.
Thanks for listening to me babel.
Its Easter week and there are pictures of me EVERYWHERE! It ¨kind of¨ cool looking like someones savior, but sometimes its a bit much. I honestly can´t walk down the road without getting (nicely) hassled. Sometimes I just walk by, meditatively, leaving them thinking...¨what if...¨
Sometimes I put my pointer finger and middle finger together and give a messianic wave. A few times I´ve actually given over blessings, once in Hebrew.
Theres a link to the left to Casa Guatemala, the orphanage I'm at.
Its severely understaffed, so if any of you are looking for an incredible place to invest your incredible energies...check it out.


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