Monday, April 02, 2007

Gringo and the Guate

For the last week Ive been practicing a self prescribed slowness meditation exercise. My regular pace in life is quite slow (as many of you can attest to). I've taken it to the next level. I never have to meet up with anyone, or be anywhere at anytime. I walk everywhere, on dirt foot-paths, in this mindful little meditation town, step by step. I climb cliffs by the lake like a cat in slow motion. No schedule, no where else to be, no time, only time, no distractions, divine interactions, no excuses. I swing on the swing and have no where else to be. I have a second story bungalow with my own porch tucked behind palm trees and fruit trees, by the enchanted lake thats surrounded by sheer cliffs and volcanoes. One of my Yoga teachers here I once sat in a circle with at a Rainbow Gathering in Brazil. My other Yoga teacher I celecinisticaly lived in a yoga center ashramish type place with in Massachusetts. They say its a small world. I think its huge! I've been writing endlessly and I think within the next year I will have a Book! I've been writing so much that my normal thinking voice has adopted my writing voice. Kinda scary. Once when I was a painter, when Id see a beautiful sunset or gaze at a magnificent tree, the first thing my monkey brain would do was figure out how Id mix the colors on a pallet.
Everything is as its supposed to be. At least thats what this world keeps telling me.
Even down here, amidst this rampant disparity, between the haves and the nots. The Gringos and the Guates. Truth is we're all given different gifts. Gifts that know no price tag. Gifts that hold the key to overcome struggles that we're also all given. We spend so much time distracted. Yesterday a Catholic Mayan woman, who was sure I was related to Jesus (hair was down, flowing cloths, ridiculously slow walking pace), asked me if I believed in the after Inferno (Hell). I said no. She said what about Evil? I said not really. I told her that I saw in this world forces of light and forces of darkness. I described, in broken Spanish, forces of darkness as any forces that distract or detach from feeling connected to sublime oneness. And that is going to look different for each person. If you can see the oneness in the TV and in the rampant slather of concrete, so be it. But if your distracted. If the rubber soles on your feet are doubling as rubber soles on your soul, It would be in your best interest to discard them at once. She laughed at me, and I laughed, and we drank more cafe' while watching boats come in.


Anonymous z said...

happy chag pesach

a pesach of freedom

7:06 PM  
Anonymous irene said...

So I don't typically gamble pointblank. Sure our whole life is a form of gamble, but that's less manageable and often uncontrolled. HOWEVER, in this case, my boisterous juvenile firecracker nature has taken over and I can't contain it. So if I absolutely had to bet, I'd bet that you were chilling at Villa Sumaya on the shores of Lake Atitlan. And I would be surprised if I was wrong. That place is indeed "enchanting"....

8:42 PM  
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