Thursday, March 01, 2007

Crazy Mountain

Last night I played rainbow songs and backup guitar at a house party with reggae artist Pato Baton and friends at a gathering of the Jerusalem Peace Makers (link to the left) with Jews Christians and Palestinians. We sat, drank tea, looked eachother in the eyes and played music as one. We danced. No one spoke of politics as that would have been a lowering, a decention of our soaring spirits. It felt like heeling and fixing and tasted like hope. There must always be vision of how we want things to be thats constantly tugging us forward and for a moment the answers seemed so clear to me.

On the same night, at the same time, about 30 minutes away from our celebration, an acquaintance of mine and a close friend of many friends of mine, was walking alone through a forest talking to God (as he was his practice every night) and three Palestinian teenagers ambushed him and brutally stabbed him to death. Erez died last night. He was a righteous dude who played guitar and just got back from India. He left a wife and 3 kids.

(Heres a link with one of his songs...

I'm still dreaming and searching and Im walking up the biggest, tallest, craziest mountain and its completely pitch black and I can't even see my hand in front of my face. Every once and a while a lightning bolt flashes and all everything is illuminated. The path becomes clear. Then just as I can see, the lights go off and Im left climbing, with a memory of the way. I pray that memory she wont fail me and that someone, someone will please turn the lights back on. Because it's so easy down here to get lost and confused and distracted. But I remember, I remember that super power we created that night, that majestic light. I sometimes see a Divine oneness that flows through all existence. We all speak of it in different tongues and with different names but its there. This is the one world super power and it can bring about change more radical then an atomic bomb, more extreme then trillions of green dollars. For when we are able to look at humanity with pairs of eyes that truly see this oneness in all, a great heeling occurs.


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you are the lightning bolt

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