Friday, February 09, 2007

In the Cave of light

Im swinging on vines these days in a concrete jungle where Ancient monoliths tower to the sky nearly overtaking the sun and millions of strange uniquely divine creatures bustle about in and out of endless underground catacombs always coming and going coming and going...I frolic where the sky is scraped and the night never sleeps. The air here so cold and crisp, she'll suck the heat out of any exposed surfaces she can, to gain balance and equilibrium of course. So the creatures bundle as best they can, though often they must leave there breathing tubes open and therefore exposed. The skin around the breathing hole turns pink from the reenforcements, red energy and heat transports re-assigned to the turbulent front lines. sniffle.
I here that in this jungle there lives a golden man who is often found manipulating strange stringed wooden boxes, emitting delicious vibrations that penetrate souls and holes on the sides of strange creatures heads...
In this Jungle I have a Clone who always points me in the good directions.
The clone is radiant and in love with the world along with a Chilean woman who knows how to talk to judges.
I went outside today and found a Pink nosed creature wrapped tight in a clamor of noise and money. He was cold, old, and lost. I told tales of a Jungle back east where monkeys swim the backstroke in a land made of milk and honey.
Then the clone and I Harmonize. One became two, then one again... reminds me of something bigger.
And in a cave of light, in the upper left side, I find respite...At least for tonight.
Soon the Chilean will arise to go convince the judges and the clone will go to do as he does, and I sit and try for a moment, to remember what exactly I wish to recall.


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