Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moven on up

It was deep in the Redwood forest where I first felt, truly felt, that while I was walking through the forest, I wasn't alone. It was the first place where I looked at trees as moving, living, breathing, eating, breeding, struggling, dancing aspects of creation (kinda like you and me). I vividly remember the happened in a moment...I remember the smell, the crisp air, the soft forest floor under my bare-feet. And I remember feeling small and humbled as this new awareness came to me and I realized that I was surrounded by 1500 year-old, sky-swaying, elders.

I've spent the last 4 months sharing my heart song with hundreds of children. I've taken them into the forest, many for the first time, and attempted to cultivate an appreciation and awareness to the wonders of nature. I guided countless pairs of eyes to look at trees with love and appreciation and recognition of each trees individuality. I'd take my groups and circle around a tree, and simply breathe with the tree.

I also teach my kiddies (and myself) to strive fiercely to live life in a way where our actions match our beliefs. First step is figuring out our beliefs, not so easy.

I believe in the power of the ancient trees. People are trying to cut them down. Only 3% of the old growth is left. I believe that this world will be better off if these remaining trees where allowed to remain living. They don't have ID numbers and they can't exactly speak our language but I still feel like they have some rights.
We humans where given awesome power and dominion, it appears, over this land. With that power comes the responsibility to guard and protect this precious gift.
So I'm heading up,
For the trees,
For the you's and the me's,
And the future you's and me's,
that are yet to be...


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