Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Soap Box

28 times around the sun, Head spun in new directions frequently.
Even numbered stable ground. They say one must get lost before one is found.
I find my song today, full of sound, aching to release, yearning to escape.
So I let it out, where it feels right. No more hiding in the night. No time to waste no more.
Just a game of pick and choose.
Which gate to enter.
Which road fulfilling.
Which spring looks most cleansing to my weathered soul.
Which gloves will empower my hands to gather shards of broken light in this seemingly fragmented world.
Not a tick to waste but not a tick in haste. Coach always said be quick but don't hurry. Soul friends along the way guiding me, grabbing me, pulling me, lifting me up so gently by the runners on my chin to the places and spaces where my soul feels nourished. Fertile ground for my essence. This tree and these roots have been replanted, uprooted, relocated time and again yet soil fragments reside, rest inside, hitchen along for the ride. Ancient energy re-cycled. Such a blessing to be alive. Especially in a today. I'm left in a state of thankful, Awe-full (full of Awe), Amazement. Fingers twitching. Eyes peeled open. Larynx flutters. Dreams still racing. Heartbeat pacing. Blessings Blessings Blessings...


Anonymous brit said...

you are the best in the whole wide world. when are we gonna get your ass out to cali???????????????????

love you more thank you know

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yom huledet sameach lovehead

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:01 PM  

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