Friday, September 15, 2006

Head in the clouds

The transition back to America slightly psychedelic as I didn't really feel like I was in my body for the first week back. I felt like a gold fish wrapped in a plastic bag, getting moved from the store to a new warm home.
"So.....How was Israel?"
"uhh.....neat....." I'd reply.
"So what did you do there?"
"yah know, different things..."
What to start talking about? Sometimes I would reply that I spent a lot of time at a place called heaven where i had an organic circle garden, and slept in a tree house that sat above a sauna which was next to a mikva, where the poppa of the land built biblical king David style harps and the Momma of the land was a natural healer and where the jackels howled at dusk. This answer would normaly throw peolpe for a loop. And is it cool to just tell someone that you came from a war? Does the Diner lady really want to know that?
"what did you do?"
This was always a hard answer to muster, even when I was in Israel. Each day was usually filled with endless spontaneous adventures. If you asked me what I did yesterday I'd usualy be hardpressed for an answer (although yesterday I did make fire from rubbing matches)
For the last few weeks I've been out here, tucked in a forest on a hillside by a lake, with a community of conscious, spiritual, musical soul rebels, and my feet feel like their on the ground again. We've been training and hiking on the A.T. and finally on Monday our first batch of kiddies come to town. To me, the main thing we are doing here is waking them up, and getting them to start making conscious decisions. Its a wake up from consumerism, detachment, apathy, spiritual emptiness, environmental neglect...We get em diggen on nature, and water cycles and decomposition and we teach them how Judaism jives with all of these concepts.
I'll be up here for a few months....
The best time to dupe me is on the weekends.
Be Good,
Come visit


Anonymous zqos said...

missing you insanely here in israel...
we will keep waiting for you to come back and wake us up again


1:10 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

and open the windows...

4:27 AM  

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