Friday, October 13, 2006


Any One Space Place
Is no kinda Place Space
To call your home
Only ONE place space
In any physical space place
To call your home
Is a waste
Places fade
Faces drift
Parents move
Different groove
Nothing lasts forever but forever
So my home she's like a sukkah tee-pee tent,
And I take her where I go
Holes left in the ceiling to let in the stars
along with it the snow
My home is collapsible, Manuverable, untakable, Un-mis-taken-able,
No more "oops, did I take the wrong one?"
Head spun, looken for a new place to call home
Everywhere I go, There I am
You see
Any One place space
Is no kinda space place
to call your home
at least for me


Anonymous zqots said...

Guitar in hand
another faded space place in the background
standing in front of a road not taken
always at the beginning of something
looking ahead
that’s you in my head

you call it
walk away
beautiful picture
beautiful poem
beautiful life
I see

6:02 AM  
Anonymous z said...

it's on my wall

until I move

7:01 AM  

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