Friday, September 05, 2008

Come my beloved.....

About a month or two ago I was sitting in my bamboo hut on an Island in the Guld of Thailand lighting the Shabbes candles alone. My mosquito net was tied in a knot and flung over a rope to keep it out of the way. I sat ad meditated. A Geko came into the room and then left. I sat in silence and cleared my mind for a few fleeting blank moments. Then thought about what I was actually doing and what this Kabalat Shabbat ceremony was actually about for me. I began to sing and chant repeatedly the words "Lecha Dodi", "Come my Beloved". and as I chanted my thinking mind reflected "Who or what am I actually inviting?". I felt something something click and unlock inside. Something that I have known and felt but hadn't put into thinking words. I was sitting alone in a hut in front of candles having a saince of sorts, invoking an energy into the room and into my being. We are magicians you know. And in that moment I became hyper concious of which energies I wished to invoke. What do I want? What do you want? What if I could feel anything? What if I could ask to feel anything? I know I can ask, and the universe she always replies one way or another....One way or another....
I asked for my myself at my bring my insides onto my outsides and all that is outside into my insides...I also asked for deeper connectivity to my friends who are, thank Jah, so many, and so colorful, and scattered around this great circle. Uganda, Israel, El-Salvador, NYC, Thailand, Nicaragua in the last six months...So many connections, energetic roads forming between the me's and the you's. Sometimes the roads gets overgrown with plants and age and desolve back into forest. Some roads that we form are beyond asphault and need no regular upkeep for they are kept and held in places where decompositon has a hard time reaching her fingers of deterioration. My point is, I decided to be more connective and joined FaceBook, and thats mainly why I haven't been writing on my B to the L to the OG lately. That coupled with the fact that Ive been living down a dirt road on a hammock in the back country of Nicaragua for the last while and just before that in the in the NWern mountains of Thailand along the Burmese border where inner-outer net connectivity is different.
Im a free fully fledged hue-man, semi re-tired re-awakened human. My hair is in braided pig tails at the moment. I got a sexy laptop (for boosted connectivity). A story I wrote on this BLOG about the Sulhita got published in a book called "Jewsih stories from heaven and earth" and is in Barnes and Nobles and Borders. I slept on a sailboat last night under the stars with Cloni Yoni and my big little brother Daniel. Daniel leaves the nest in two days to start college. I remember so clearly and warmly back when he was a baby and Id hold his whole little body in my arms.
AND in case you didn't know, The BIIGGEST news thats keeping me lying awake at night with a blissful grin shmackered to my soul is that Yoni my Cloni and the Viv are having their Love Union decloration proclamation festival extravoganza
in exactly nine days!
Blessings and Blissings


Blogger Rachel :) said...

Shalom chevre! I read your blog and I smile from my heart. I hope to see you when I'm back in NY!

5:55 AM  
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