Sunday, May 13, 2007

For a day

I wrote this last month in El Salvador;

I feel like the little prince must have, always getting shifted around and shown different worlds. Jerusalem, New York, El Salvador all in four days. Customs, manners, different things, traditions, Black hats, sky-scrapers, open markets, Orange Fanta, traffic lights, golden glow, Time Square, Temple Mount, Mayan moon, mango trees and sugar cane, taxi cabs with fast lanes, Holland tunnel rice and beans, different rythems different speeds and trees and birds and bees, some say thank you some say please, hammock beds and candle light, soccer football Friday night. Isms skisms political dismay, Gringo for a day, Here for a day, Welcome home for a day, Travel for a day, freak for a day, up a tree for a day, In a war for a day, In a boat for a day, On the road for a day, On a stage for a day, In love for a day, In light for a day, Lost for a day, Im a child for a day, Im yours for a day, Then Im gone for a day. This old way, this old way, Its the way that I know living, and it keeps on sending me spinning to places and faces and crazy intersections with unmarked roads to anywhere fun.


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