Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Operation Child Smile

Hey Folks,
So, about a month and a half ago Some friends and I were volunteering at a terror victim support center in Jerusalem that helps out families that have been hit by bombs. They had us doing mostly office work and I decided I wanted to do something more hands on. I got the phone numbers of some kids who had either been in bombings themselves or their parents had been attacked and I decided to take them out to the movies and for ice cram. When my Mom and Step-Dad caught wind of this, they decided to firstly sponsor the outing and secondly they spread the word. Within days hundreds of dollars were flowing in (and still are) and thus an impromptu, no-profit organization was born. We call her "Operation Child Smile" and her chief objective is to shine some happiness on these kids and basically spoil them with candy, ice cream, cloths , toys and also food.
Most of the families we work with are very poor, especially if one or two of the parents are out of commission. The other day some friends and I took three kids out to get new shoes and some ice cream. Their father had been blown up in a bus. I noticed that the two youngest kids were having a very difficult time managing the ice cream cones. It was dripping all over them. When I asked the eldest why it was so hard for them he explained to me that they had never eaten ice cream from a cone before. It was just too expensive.
It was both sad and beautiful to witness.
I'll get pics up soon.


Blogger Saije said...

Beautiful story you're right, don't forget the pics.

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