Monday, August 08, 2005


This Pic is of me and my amiga Emily up in the north last weekend. Lebanon is two frisbee tosses ahead of us and if you look top left of my big nobby head you can see an Israeli patrol boat floating in the Med. The villages over Emilys head used to get hit by Hizbola rocket attacks quite frequently and still do once in a while. We hiked up here from almost as far as you can see and then took a gondola down into some caves/grottos.


Anonymous dany said...

Hello from Qu├ębec,
I really like your comments about the picture showing with Hmmmmm? post. It's just give me an idea of where you are precisely and what is going on or has been gone. Looking in my atlas, I try to put my finger between Lebanon and Israel, guessing where you must be.

Got any relatives down there? And is Emily really just a fake-wife? If so, too bad she's looking nice. Hope she can at least become your soul mate...

Carefull to not being shot by any rocket attacks and keep on going for visiting all kind of underground attractions as you did with caves/grottos.

Translating in french, I tell my friends and family about what I read and they become curious about what life should be down there.

Put some more picture with your posting and try for me any kind of Israeli musical instrument,they must
be very special to play.

Bye, Dany

8:44 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Hello Mr Garneaux,
The name of the border town we were at was Rosh Hanikra. It's a few Kilometers north of a big beautiful beach town called Naharia. For many years there was a "mini-war" between Israel and Lebanon but its been pretty quiet for the last few years although there was a genade attack in Naharia a month ago.
There is a wonderful song here that says "All of the world is a narrow bridge, but we must not be afraid". I ain't scared.

11:30 AM  

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