Thursday, August 11, 2005

Where are you Dan?

This means "what's-up" in the Ethiopean language of Amharik. You might be asking why is he leaning Amharik in Israel?
OK....History. 2300 years ago the Babylonians Sacked Israel/Jerusalem. They Sent the Jews of Israel into exile and spread out the 12 tribes amongst their vast empire. Some went to Persia (Iran). Some went to Lebanon. Some went to Egypt. One of the 12 tribes that got exiled was the tribe of "Dan". No one knew where they went. They were even called the lost tribe of Dan. Then, around 50 years ago, it was discovered that there were black tribes in Ethiopia practicing Jewish rituals and knowing Hebrew. Got Dan? Yup.
So in the last 15 years the Israeli govt has been flying in and absorbing thousands of Ethiopian, black as the night, Jews.
I spent the last couple days in the mystical blue town of Tsfat (where kabala originated) volunteering at an absorption center, playing with little ones who had recently been swooped up from the Ethiopean countryside. It was a big ol' love fest. I hope to have pics up soon.


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