Saturday, July 28, 2007

Out my window

So, Im in Honduras, Leading an AJWS 7 week trip. When I left the rainbow gathering I was thinking of going back to Israel or going to California to work on a garden, then I got an Email that AJWS needed an Emergency group leader because one of them had to go home. So I said sure. 3 days later I got picked up by a driver named Jesus in Tegucigulpa, the capital of Honduras, and we drove off into the country.

Most of the best things in my life have been unplanned. My spirit seems to thrive in the unknown. This is the view from my bed, out my window, of the Honduras countryside. There is a clean fresh mountain river in our backyard with a canopy of hanging vines and crazy flowers and singing parots. I swim Everyday. The house we live in runs on solar (and Universal Love) energy and we planted a garden of corn and beans in the back. Yesterday I carried cinder blocks at the community center we're working on, watched a chicken get slaughtered, Israeli danced the Hora with barefoot Hondurans, taught villagers how to flick a frisbee and capped the day with a camp fire sing along.

Increase your apreciation fact of the day; The average worker on this planet earns $2.50 a day! Half of the workers on this planet earn less then $2.50 a day.


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