Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just a glimpse

I've spent the last little while at a renegade farm in the mountains, where Samson once lived, helping a friend turn a tract of dry land into a luscious blooming field of herbs and yummy food. I have a donkey. His name is Kunta. He is an Angry donkey. I learned to tame, saddle and ride kunta from a snake catching, exotic parrot breading, peyote' shaman named Lester. Technically the donkey belongs to this man but the donkey stays with us next to the late 1800's British train car that we're based out of. No Electric, no running water=no problems. Two days ago I was making tea by the fire and a heard of 170 goats passed by. I spent the day with them and their herdswomen. The goats listen better then the Kunta. Yesterday I worked in the field, processed freshly picked herbs, discussed radical politics with a Brahman guru groundskeeper who works the night shift at an Arabian horse stable, whos from Goa India, who has a dreadlocked beard that's white at the roots and it almost reaches his stomach and who was once an heir to an aristocratic throne. Later I jammed in hut atop a mountain, where rebel Jews once hid out in dug-out caves to hide from the Romans, with a semi-famous musician who gets play on the radio. Then hopped a ride to Jerusalem to play a gig at a bar till the wee hours.
-No details in this story have been exaggerated and some of the names may have been altered to protect their identities


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