Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bus ride

Monday Nov 14th
Enruit to Rainbow Israel in a bulletproof bus
Hearing stories of shootings and explosions
Walls of separation
Driving through tunnels under hostile towns
The women besides me explains that we must pray
and hopefully god will listen
"God knows when each strand of hair moves on your body
He can make an RPG misfire"
As I'm writing this, the bus just stopped and the engine turned off.
There was a shooting down the road.
Some Jews get out of the bus to pray.
One passenger, a soldier, grabs his M-16 and two clips and walks down the road.
Armored trucks are everywhere.
I am in what they call the "West Bank"
Which actually lies on the eastern most part of Israel.
This country is a mess and everyone has a different solution. One grabs his bible while the other clutches his gun while I head to the Rainbow.
The Military roadblock was just lifted and our bulletproof bus is the first one down the road where the shooting just took place. As we roll down the road, I think of the infinite could have would haves and did haves that create each moment. A butterfly farts in Mongolia and there's a typhoon in Japan. And What about the traffic lights? Does God himself control these fate determining mass-synchronization machines?
As the bus comes to a stop at resevoir road near the town of seven wells, we disembark and begin our journey through the night following rock piles into the rainbow. Under the cover of the full moon I remark to my brother "It is quite possible this day has not yet climaxed". And it hadn't...


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