Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Letter to Russ

Ten Fingers Ten Toes
Thanks and praise
and so it goes
on and on
I feel my weight
I listen to my breath
and I know I'm alive
In this mangled reality
This reality antithetical to my norm
I never get attacked
I don't run unless chasing a Frisbee
Im a Babar and Babars move slowly
The only cover I normally have to take is in my bed
I don't hurry scurry or scamper
I don't wear shoes, but I do
My comfort zone resolved, desolved, redefined daily
I had designed my life nonconflictual
I guess Im still nonconflictual
My actions aren't so much anti
and I still don't like wearing shoes


Anonymous Joelle and chevre said...

Dear Passover,

Yonah (Matzah), Yehudit and I are sitting here in my apartment and I wanted to show them your blog. We miss you terribly. Please take care of our friends and family in Tzfat. We love you...Our brother in flailing arms...

We would tell you where we are and what we're doing...but then we would have to kill you!

With love and peace for a beautiful Shabbat Shalom...

Yonah, Yehudit and Yo-Yo!

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Joelle and chevre said...

P.S. Stay barefoot and carefree...

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you feel your weight? yea whatever, you got no weight brother! let's build some muscle! you with me? (1)raz, (2)dva (3)tree



P.S. carb loading helps :) how do you say pasta with alfredo sauce in hebrew???

7:32 AM  

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